Additional Plug Testing Services

Mechanical Properties - The rock mechanics data, provided on a commercial basis include determining Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, and ultimate compressive strength under uniaxial loading. This data can be used in a variety of applications including predicting borehole stability, sand control, hydraulic and acid fracturing and reservoir characterization. Typical core size is 1-inch diameter and 2 inch length for weakly consolidated and stronger rock. The core plug must be at minimum twice the diameter.

Acoustic Velocity - Velocity Testing provides a measurement of the velocity of sound waves in a core specimen. The velocity which these waves are transmitted through the rock are dependent on the elastic properties of the specimen. Consists of one compressional and one shear velocity test on small plug samples at 9 pressure values up to the provided overburden pressure at room temperature.

Pore Volume Compressibility - This test evaluates the behavior of the rock/pore system as overburden pressure is increased from a nominal value, to that of the final subsurface value. Samples are first saturated with the specified fluid, then plug samples are triaxially loaded, and the pressures are increased in a step-wise fashion as the temperature is held constant. Fluid volumes expelled from the rock are carefully measured.

  • These are outsourced services.