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Requesting Services

Lab Request Form

Services may be requested by clicking on the above button. Fill out the form by selecting the first blank box on the page, type in the information. Complete all appropriate blanks, filling out as much information as you can. (Well location, depth, formation etc. are particularly important.) When you have completed the form, submit it. The form will be sent electronically to Calgary Rock and Materials Services Inc. (403) 735-5050 (A phone call would also be appreciated.)

Would you like to visit us?

Interested clients are invited to tour the lab facility at a mutually agreeable time. Please don't hesitate to call. (403) 735-5050
Location map

Normal hours of operation: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.


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Contact Personnel

Raymond Strom:

Ph. (403) 735-5050

Cell (403) 606-6370

Fax (403) 735-5058


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