X-Ray Diffractometry

  • X-ray diffraction is a highly useful semi-quantitative method for determining bulk materials and fines separates of a given sample.
  • Approximately 1 gram of sample is required for whole material analysis and 5-10 grams required for the average fines separates analysis.
  • Bulk material is crushed and analyzed to provide information on the majority components.
  • Fines separation of the less than 5 micron fraction, or the less than 2 micron fraction allows for a detailed study of those components, with a variety of treatments used to enhance their characteristics.
  • Identification of damaging fines is very important in the completion and stimulation procedures utilized by field personnel.

More XRD Info

  • Output report format standard hardcopy.
  • Weight percentage as well as volume percentage reported.
  • Calculated bulk density based on identified crystalline materials distribution.
  • Click on image to view pdf of table.